Super Deluxe Standing Jester Prop – Halloween Decorations

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This Super Deluxe Jester puppet has amazing and terrifying detail, is about 7 feet tall and comes with a stand. This prop is truly spectacular! JESTER split in 2 parts, and STAND w BASE -JESTER top Face Height: 10 inches Ear to Ear: 10 inches jester hat: 23 inches wide Shoulder to shoulder: 24 inches Arm length: 30 inches Hand length: 9 inches Shoulder to hem: 38 inches Shoulder to shoulder: 23 inches -BOTTOM part Waist: 29 inches Waist to bottom: 50 inches Pantaloon length: 26 inches Stockings: 24 inches ***NOTES*** Eyes have light up LEDs, bettery powered. Face is airbrushed with very good detail. Sparkles around eyes. Bust is a firm foam like material. Collar is a polyfoam material. Bright orange curly hair. Frame is a study metal. Base is heavy and jester hangs from the top. Purple pantaloons are a velvet like material. One leg detaches at the knee. Where frame comes together, attaches with nut and bolt. Striped ‘socks’ are 16 inches long and a silk like material. Boots are also a slick material that is blue. Ringing bells hang from boot tops, collar, cuffs. The balls on the end of the hat are ping pong type balls. MADE IN CHINA